Namibia Student Accommodation makes it as simple as possible for you to have access to student accommodation perfectly suited to your needs. Here are a few questions you may have wondered about. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

What is Namibia Student Accommodation?

Namibia Student Accommodation is one of the largest Namibian student accommodation facilitators in the country. We have the capacity for up to 400 students, with space for 2000 more coming in 2022.

Our accommodation is currently limited to Windhoek, however, accommodation is planned near campuses throughout the rest of Namibia.

What kind of rooms are available?

Our accommodation facilities have Twin and Quad Room options with pricing starting at N$1999/month.

What is included in each room?

Each room includes a bed, cupboard and study desk.

What additional services are provided by Namibia Student Accommodation?

All students have access to free wifi, a kitchen area, an entertainment area, and cleaning services. Laundry facilities and meals from the cafeteria can be arranged at additional cost.

Is there a restaurant?

There is a cafeteria available providing 3 meals per day at additional cost.

Where are the closest supermarkets?

Wernhill Mall is a 2-minute walk from the Square Residence accommodation with all the necessary shops.

How far away is the main NUST Campus?

The main Namibia University of Science and Technology campus is less than a 10-minute walk from the Square Residence.

How safe is the student accommodation?

All of Namibia Student Accommodation residences are situated in safe buildings with multiple levels of security measures in place.

Can students pay monthly?

Yes, students can pay monthly for the rental, however, the rental period commitment stays for at least a full semester.

How long is the rental agreement?

The rental agreement is per semester. Students commit to staying for at least a semester, no refunds will be given for students that want to vacate earlier. 

Can only NUST students apply?

No, students from all tertiary institutions in Namibia can apply.

Can NSFAF students apply?

Yes, all students with scholarships and financial aids can apply, however, all students pay monthly until NSFAF refunds them.

Are students allowed to cook? And must they bring their own pots?

Stoves/hot plates will be available on each floor. Students must bring their own pots. 

Can students bring in visitors?

Yes, students are allowed to bring in visitors but they are not to be accommodated or allow visitors or spouses in any part of the resident’s rooms after 22:00 during weekdays and after midnight during weekends.

Can students without medical aid apply?

Students are encouraged to apply with or without the medical aid. The student will just need to indicate who will be responsible for the payments if students don’t have medical aid.